Gospel Identity

We believe that the gospel of Jesus Christ is the good news for every single person. The good news of the gospel is that we have all rebelled and turned away from our Creator God, but in love and grace God sent His One and Only Son to rescue us from the judgment our sin deserves.

The gospel is good news because Jesus welcomes everyone to follow him into a better life now, and a future eternal life. No matter what you have done, we believe when you embrace this truth then everything about who you are and how you live changes into something so beautiful and glorious.

We believe that every follower of Jesus (Christian) who has been born again has been born with a new gospel identity:

They are now a child of God (Family). Whereas once a Christian was a spiritual orphan, separated from God, they have now been brought into God’s family with other Christians, where they will be kept in and by God’s love for eternity.

They are now sent by the power of the Spirit (Missionary). Because God the Father sent His Son Jesus and His Spirit to rescue us from the dangers of sin, Christians now live like the Triune God by willingly going to telling others of God’s redemption.

They now live to serve King Jesus (Servant) in fulfilling his mission to be disciples who make disciples. Whereas once Christians lived lives serving themselves and their own kingdoms, they now live serving the King Jesus by laying our lives down for all peoples.

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