Everybody has a rhythm in their life. We wake up, eat meals, complete tasks during the day, and go to bed. We believe following Jesus leads each and every person to live with certain rhythms in their life.


Bless: We intentionally bless others though serving, encouraging, giving, and thinking of those around us. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we focus on others.

Listen: We intentionally listen to others through questions, focus, and attentiveness to their story and who they are.

Eat: We intentionally eat through sharing our meals, drinks, and moments around the critical necessity of nourishment.

Speak: We intentionally speak the truths of Jesus by graciously and boldly proclaiming the gospel in all scenarios of life.

Sabbath/Recreate: We intentionally work, rest, and enjoy the fruit of the gospel and fruit of God’s creation. We pause to remember we are God’s mission as we’re on God’s mission. The mission is His, not ours.

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