To make followers of Jesus Christ who invite more followers
(Matthew 5:16; 28:16-20; 4:19; 2 Timothy 2:2)

The way we will experience the saturation of God’s glory in Boulder is through making passionate followers of Jesus Christ. This is because God’s Word tells us that when Jesus came to earth as a man, he embodied in himself the very glory of God. So Jesus is the picture of God’s glory (Heb. 1:3). Then as we read about the life of Jesus, we learn something critical about God’s mission to make His glory known to all the nations. How did Jesus make God’s glory spread across the earth? Jesus called and made disciples of himself. A disciple is a student, someone who is following and learning from their teacher.

Jesus gave most of his time, energy and affection to only a small group of his committed followers? Why did Jesus focus his attention on this small group of men and women, when there were so many people to tell of God’s glory? Because making passionate disciples of a few is God’s plan to spread His glory to all.

As followers of Jesus, our mission is to listen to and obey Jesus’ command to make disciples who follow him. As disciples of Jesus we have first seen that our prior ways of living were both offensive to God and harmful to ourselves, so we have repented (do a 180), and have begun living lives following Jesus’s teachings and his example, which includes telling others about him and showing them that life with Jesus is better.

Being a disciple (follower) of Jesus involves all of life. We don’t view the task of making disciples as a mere program or only something that occurs “at church”. Being a disciple and making more disciples of Jesus encompasses every single aspect of life. Whether you are a mom with children at home, a student in the classroom, or an employee in the workplace, we believe your mission in life is to live a life following Jesus, while making Jesus known to whoever God has placed in your life, both through your true words and your good deeds.

At Alethia Community Church we are committed to loving and leading all peoples to follow Jesus in every area of life.

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